GOING GREEN – America is becoming greener

Green-AmericaMargaret-MalsamThanks to innovative inventions by eco-friendly manufacturers and new services by retailers, America is becoming greener. More and more national companies are now publicly declaring themselves eco-friendly, which can mean anything from manufacturing a tubeless toilet paper to recycling waste to repairing electronics. Also Americans have increased their awareness of purchasing products that are more eco-friendly to our earth. That’s really great green news for Mother Earth.

Colorado companies have taken the lead in many types of green recycling, such as Alpine Waste & Recycle in Commerce City. They are the first company in Colorado to recycle all types of polystyrene foam (commonly known as Styrofoam) from businesses and homeowners. About 99 percent of recycling companies don’t accept Styrofoam waste because it is difficult to recycle and make large investments in new complex machinery, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Now this company can take this environmentally-harmful product, which takes hundreds of years to decompose, and recycle it in a single-stream process into 60-pound bricks. These plastic bricks then can be transformed into many things from park benches to picture frames.

Unfortunately, however, Colorado has one energy-hog industry that produces a green colored product, but definitely is not eco-friendly. It’s the cannabis (marijuana) industry. According to a recent article in the Denver Post, Colorado’s pot facilities used as much energy in 2014 as 35,000 homes. Furthermore, this booming industry’s 24-hour demands for thousands of their indoor growing sites taxes aging electricity grids and unravels hard-earned gains in energy conservation.

New green tubeless toilet paper

I am always searching for new ways to go green, but I never ever expected to find a way to save trees by using tubeless toilet paper. Presently more than 17 billion cardboard toilet paper tubes are used every year, which is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice, according to the makers of Scott’s new tube-free toilet paper. Recently I purchased a roll and discovered that it rolled easily without the tube. When I read more information on their website, www.scottnataurals.com, I discovered that a household of two adults purchases enough cardboard tubes with their toilet paper in a lifetime to completely cover a queen-size bed. This fact has convinced me to continue to purchase tubeless toilet paper as another easy way to go green.

Other new ways to go green

What seemed to be impossibility for decades has now become a reality. Now customers can purchase quality alkaline batteries made from partly recycled batteries, thanks to Energizer battery scientists.  These scientists used breakthrough technology and exclusive partnerships to introduce the company’s EcoAdvanced batteries made with 4 percent recycled batteries and longest lasting alkaline.

Also I am delighted to find new ways to keep my cordless, battery-powered personal electronics running instead of buying new ones.  For its customers, Batteries Plus stores now offer free installation of batteries in electronics and recycling of old batteries and electronics purchased in its stores.  Plus, their experts can repair broken screens for iPhones and iPads.

“We are an extremely green company,” reports Stephen Wiles, president of the Denver area franchise stores. “It’s our business to know batteries, light bulbs, and electronic devices inside and out. We do more than offer an amazing assortment of products, we also provide services to make your products work better and last longer.”

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