How to Beat the House:

Slot Players Looks for Winning Systems

By Bob Sweeney

By Bob Sweeney

You meet all kinds of interesting individuals in casinos.  Certainly many seniors who have decided not to take their money with them and do as the book says, “Slide into home base broke and yelling, “Yippee.”  Let the kids work as hard as the adults as the greatest generation ages.

But, there are all kinds of people enjoying a day, or evening in the casino universe.  I met an interesting slot player who was counting his money and was eager to brag a little bit to a passerby that he had won something like 20 jackpots in his recent gaming career playing slot machines.

That captured my attention as a very limited slot player and more into table games especially blackjack

I asked him what his secret of winning.  This is what he related, take it for what it’s worth as free information.

He weaved a tale that he starts betting at a slot machine with very small wagers.  The computer driven slot then attempts to lure him in to wagering higher amounts and rewards his single line play and small bets.  He slowly edges up his bets and pay lines luring the slot machine to give him a jackpot.  He seems to think, if he is telling the truth, that as he ups his bets slowly that he has a better shot at hitting a jackpot.

At some point the slot machine is going to go cold, but he might have a reasonable concept that indeed slot machines do tempt the player to continue to play.  How many times, right before you run out of spins, the slot will show an almost jackpot scenario and you just miss the big money by one wild card, cherry, or symbol.

In the old mechanical days when one hit a jackpot and the coins came tumbling out, players would take a bucket and clear out the coins and carry the tub to the cage for a payoff.  Those days changed with some player heartache a decade ago but now the payoff comes on a coded paper receipt.  Much easier now, and it keeps hands much cleaner than those old metal coins.  But how much fun when the coins came pouring out and the bells started to ring and the light blinked.

I’ve won a few jackpots, but I never knew why, just kept putting coins in the slot and now pulling the handle or pushing the button using the bill receptacle that grabs the paper bills.

Casinos are very generous to their slot players and reward them with great buffets and prizes placed upon the casino player’s cards.  The points add up to complimentary rooms and free food.

If you have a winning system and wish to share your lucky tips, send them in to this newspaper and we’ll share your advice or experience.

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