Make a difference with simple earth friendly tips

margaretOne easy way to become more earth friendly to our planet is to get outside and appreciate the environment. Whether that means walking, biking, or some other fun outdoor activity. The hot dog days of summer are over when we hovered indoors to avoid the heat. Now it is time to get outside and marvel at our beautiful Colorado fall when leaves turn bright golden colors and cool breezes flow across our patios.

Also consider volunteering in your community and get involved in efforts to clean up and beautify green spaces in your area. This will help others to learn to make a difference in respecting and protecting our environment.

We need not feel hopeless about making a difference on activities that have a negative impact on our good Mother Earth.  Although some of our options to go green are big things involving home construction or choices of motor vehicles, many of them are small things that can make a huge difference if we remember to do them frequently.

Here are some simple earth friendly tips to save energy and water.

Save Energy

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) in the Denver Metro area is building new public transportation options that can save fuel and money (as well as help save the environment).  Instead of driving to work or to a sporting event, check out the new light rail lines that connect from the suburbs through Denver’s Union Station and new express lanes on our highways.

If you must commute where public transportation does not connect, consider carpooling.  Think of all the extra cars that would be taken off of the road each day if more people shared rides.  If you are the driver, slow down a bit to get better gas mileage. Speeding not only puts you and others on the road in danger; it consumes more miles per gallon.

New energy efficient appliances are everywhere that use less electricity. These appliances save energy without sacrificing function, making them a no-brainer for environmentally-conscious people.

Light your home responsibly. These days there’s no reason not to use energy-efficient lights at home. New energy-efficient bulb technology means that you can find bulbs with a diversity of colors and functions in order to save electricity and money.

When you leave a room, turn off the lights! The same goes for televisions and anything that uses electricity. If you’re not around to use it, switch it off!


Save Water

Water is precious to our planet. Think of ways you can save water, like investing in low flow toilets that get the job done without wasting excess water. Some of them even have two flush options, with less water for smaller flushes and a bit more water for larger ones.

Never start your washing machine or dishwasher until you have a full load.  This way, you’ll use less water and less electricity.

To save water, don’t wait to repair a plumbing fixture or faucet that’s leaking or dripping water. Those drips build up to a large amount of wasted water.

Shorten your shower time and don’t keep running water while brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. It feels great to stand in the shower until you feel reborn, but it wastes a lot of water. Take shorter showers in order to save water.  Doing these simple things can save several gallons of water.

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