Solar power emerging as viable green energy

margaret2017 is here, and solar power is emerging as a viable green sustainable energy source.  Costs are dropping for this clean energy, which is a trend that’s likely to continue in the foreseeable future, according to Mother Earth Living. The way we produce energy now is changing thanks to market forces, consumer choices and government policies.

Utilization of more clean solar energy can help to protect our beautiful earth of preying on it harmful, destructive energy sources.  Breakthroughs in solar technology have resulted in lowered production costs for such items as solar panels, phone chargers, outdoor lighting and solar-powered keyboards. The price of hardware once controlled solar prices, but now most of the cost for consumers comes from marketing, labor, permits and inspection. Regulators are still working out the rules for solar, but when the industry is better established, prices should drop even more. As a result, 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for this renewable energy source.

In fact, this may be the year that we may be able to afford to go green with more solar-powered gadgets. For several years, I have worn a solar wrist watch powered by natural and artificial light. It has never failed me even though I don’t spend much time in the sun, and I never have to buy batteries for it.  I am going to look for more efficient solar powered green devices.

A combination of market forces and government incentives has led to the fall in solar panel prices. Many power companies now offer rebates for using solar panels. The exact rebates, however, may vary by cost of electricity and location.  An online solar calculator can help determine what exact costs would be. Solar panels have recently gotten more visually appealing as well.  Some solar panels now have been camouflaged to look just like regular roofing tiles.

Environmentally-friendly solar cell phone chargers also are more reasonably priced. People on-the-go can find chargers between $10 and $80 for use anywhere. Portable solar chargers can charge most cell phones at almost regular speed, utilizing less than a full day’s worth of sunshine. Some are lightweight, but larger models are also available, which can charge things like laptops and televisions. For those looking for a sustainable portable charging solution, solar may become your best bet.

It’s now possible to use solar-powered outdoor lighting to enjoy the outdoors for a reasonable price. Outdoor landscape lighting, porch lights and other solar options are cost-effective, require no electricity and look nice, too. Many models can also be put on a timer to turn on automatically when it gets dark. They may not be as bright as electric lighting and may not last as long, especially if it’s a cloudy day, but solar is still a great lighting option for the outdoors.

With a solar-powered keyboard, you won’t need to be changing the batteries in your wireless keyboard again. The keyboards are charged with natural or artificial light and will hold a charge for three entire months even in complete darkness, according to Logitech.  Because these keyboards hold a charge for so long, you really won’t need to worry about the battery life of your wireless keyboard again.

Solar power is now becoming affordable for the average person as a sustainable energy source.  2017 may be the year solar really gets to shine.

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