Tax-free coupons seem like a good idea

By Bob Sweeney

By Bob Sweeney

On my last trip to Black Hawk and Central City, I stopped by Saratoga and visited Chuck and Dan, two of the casino gaming executives. The folks at Saratoga are so friendly. I purchased some candy from Ruth in the little corner coffee nook and had a bowl of the famous potato leek soup that the Saratoga cooks prepare. Thomas is the host maître d’ and takes the orders and cash, seats customers and just keeps hustling on the job.

In past years, I would go to Fitzgerald’s, now Saratoga, on St. Patrick’s Day for corned beef and cabbage. With their new electronic menu, I’m not sure that they will have it anymore. Someone will, and I expect an invitation. Sorry to see the Canyon close. Many good people worked there and I do see them now at other locations.

We like to hear from our thousands of readers. One lady called me last week to provide some additional slot information, regarding my last column on slot play and recognizing percentage payouts.

Kathy related that at the Gilpin casino, they post the winnings on many of the slot machines and that she reads them and plays accordingly. I’m going to go check those slot reports and visit with the Gilpin folks on how they report and figure the payouts. We plan on rounding up the payouts and printing them so players can find out what the payouts are each month.

She also mentioned some of the changes at Reserve Casino Hotel, which has recently been taken over by Johnny Z’s. She was disappointed over the new ownership team not honoring the most recent coupon promotions. Regardles, I’m sure the great Johnny Z managers will treat their new customers at Reserve Casino Hotel even better with their own new and exciting promos. Johnny Z’s has built a solid reputation for taking care of their customers and for home-cooked food service. Reserve Casino Hotel is a huge expansion for the Johnny Z folks and we wish them well.

And regarding coupons, we see that David Farahi, chief operating officer at the Monarch Casino, spoke to the Central City Council on a “free-play gambling tax” proposal that will be decided by the Department of Gaming on June 15.  The “free play” option allows the coupons to be revenue tax free, rather than taxable revenue. He wants this tax burden removed from Colorado casinos. This action would mean more coupons for Colorado players, while promoting local play and creating more benefits for players, encouraging them to stay and play here in Colorado, rather than leave the state. Good luck to David on his efforts to have more tax-free coupons.  Colorado Gambler coupons abound and have been widely used by thousands of readers for the past 25 years.

We will be present at the June meeting to support the concept.

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