THE LAST HAND – Lady luck shining on veterans Nov. 11


By Bob Sweeney

Veterans Day is Nov. 11 and we salute our veterans from wars dating back to World War II. Not many of these heroes are left, but they truly were the greatest generation.

I’m so glad that the veteran hat styles have become popular so we can spot these veterans moving around our casinos, cities and airports. Having a vet hat is a small reminder of the service that these men and women have performed for all of us.

I think that it is disgraceful that so many disabled veterans have had trouble with benefits and medical treatments at VA facilities.

Hopefully, the new VA hospital at the old Fitzsimmons site, now termed the Anschutz CU Medical Campus and Hospital, will be completed soon. This is medical campus, with the CU Lion Eye Center and other vast medical facilities, is a great accomplishment by then-Gov. Bill Owens, the University of Colorado and Denver Lions Club, who led the way for this great transition in Colorado healthcare.

We ask lady luck to be extra good to these veterans who like to gamble, enjoy the buffets and enjoy the freedoms that they fought to ensure for all of us.

The election will soon be over and we will have a new president and administration. No matter who is elected, we hope and pray that they take good care of our veterans and they can bring an end to these military conflicts that continue to create more veterans.

We should seek peace from the strength of past and present veterans.

God bless America and the men and women who have served our country with their lives, limbs and courage.

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