Thoughts on the game of Craps….Chapter Two

Craps has declined remarkably as a money-maker for casinos. In 1985, it generated nearly 27 percent of all table win. In 2015, it contributed less than 9 percent to total table win.

Roulette has increased both its revenue share and unit share by about 50 percent since then. (UNLV gaming research -2015)

Through research and analytics which I have personally contributed over the past 40 years, I can honestly say that there are very definable reasons for this and that there is a huge bubble that is available to the casinos if they understand the new generation of gamblers and what they want.

If humans can dive under the ocean deeper each year by training and by holding their breath and a lady can roll the dice in Atlantic City for over four hours without throwing the bad number then why not recreate and grow the sport along with the Karmic and Intuitive aspects of the game….millennials are begging for it and the casinos have seen a large drop in craps revenues over the past 30 years….from 27 percent of revenues to less than 9 percent of total revenues.

Maybe this is because less than 3 percent of the people that gamble play craps….maybe that is because no one has ever given them the education and understanding of what they are dealing with in the game of craps and all the nuances and environmental factors that can also aid their betting and ultimately their winnings.

Over the course of these chapters we will discuss many things that influence the crap game. I for one believe very strongly that this game holds with it a different set of factors including the environmental. How many times have we seen someone throw the dice off the table and the next roll they roll the Bad Number?  My 40 years of keeping statistics will tell you that this happens a majority of the time ….then why do people keep throwing the dice off the table?  because they don’t understand the entire game.

In the next chapter I will  give the many do’s and don’ts while playing craps that will enhance your chances of winning and lower the amounts you lose playing this great game!

J.Akers – CEO/Founder, 

Karmic Craps

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